A collection of small, modular containers.  Works with ten basic parts that through various materials and combinations can construct unique objects with different shapes and capacities, from lamps to tableware and side tables.

Inspired by the ambition of “cutting distance” between design and material and “fluctuating shapes” as our expression of contemporary design, the project is cultivated around the concept of modularity and the customization.

Within the project we would like to tell a story, and unite the traditions of our culture, as Venezuelan indigenous weaving, with Europe contemporary design, in which we have been shaped in the recent years. Managing both, to continue and renew design tradition while being at the forefront of the lasted international design expansion. In our design materials are an important motivation. We prefer to work in materials that have clear rules and restrictions, which may be readable in their final form. For Pot.purri we chose the concrete as a vanguard material that continues to change and improve, which represent a strong structure in the contemporary design for us. The metal, which is also a strong material, we turn it vulnerable as the cultures of today, translating it into a canvas for new patterns and colors that will combine later.

The project allows the user to mix and match shapes materials and colors. We shaped the concept based on ten fundamental modular elements, with different dimensions and diameters that can be mutually paired and combined consequently, providing unlimited possibilities. The forms are adjusted according to dimensions, so they fit each other, while the elements are mutually connected with an innovate system that allows an easy manipulation.

In addition to matching various elements it's also possible to combine several colored modules, we selected a range of colors and patterns, evocative to indigenous traditional weaving, applied to metal parts.The final choice of the product's elements can lean towards either one material or be complemented in a multi-colored combination, always varying in form and shape.

This new approach towards the flexibility of the pieces fusion with the constant possibility of upgrading or changing, focuses at a wide spectrum of new uses.