The project investigates, if and how design processes can take advantage of the integration of natural elements in terms of creation.

These collections of vases look for a balance between the materials, choosing the two most important in terms of history and percentage, with a high content of sand in their mixes; The CONCRETE 60% and the Glass with a 40%.

Taking a new approach to traditional production methods and existing materials; the blends of these materials where intervened; the concrete is crafted with the highest possible amount of sand, which makes possible blowing glass on a slightly cooler temperature than normal, through it, keeping the glass pieces and the concrete together. A much greater tension is added to the glass, because of the contrast in texture between its shiny skin and the rundowned, cooked appearance of the concrete. Each object comes with a narrative, and clearly reveals the traces of its making and process. 

The objects are storytellers, to make an awareness of the amount of things we have around us containing sand, and stop thinking of it as weakly usable material. These results are first and foremost meant to be statements, processes and experiments where interaction is central, where new relationships are woven, and where the improbable is more than possible.

100% SAND is essentially about bringing together what is already there, but which remained disconnected. Somehow, is USING THE SAND to make things possible.