MUSGO, moss | mōs | a small, soft, flowerless Green plant that lacks true roots, growing hanging from tree branches, in low layers or rounded cushions in unenthusiastic habitats, characterized by a bright Green color.

In simple words is a playful hanging seat that combines closeness to nature and the nostalgia of childhood days spent on a swingset. Inspired by the growing moss in abandoned objects and nature; every chair is slightly different and has the imprint of the emotions of the day in witch it was created. Crafted by hand using artisans knot technics and evoking the Venezuelan “Patio” chair, it delivers great comfort.

Musgo chair pays respect to one of the first pieces created by Verner Panton at the end of the 1950s, the Wire Cone Chair. Using it galvanized and chrome-plated steel wire structure, it reshapes Panton’s idea “The use of new materials liberated furniture from the constraints of traditional structures”…  Mixed with flexible and colorful PVC woven cord, it shows that strings can inspire more than shapes, creating a canvas colors and volatile shadows.