In this project I seek to abolish the symbolic values of the "mirror", to give way to the material and the images that we get in it, the ability to stop being an object to become a subject; Blurring the line between an art object and functional product. When boundaries between design and art are fade away, potential for magic occurs.

I challenge the solidity, and precise nature of metal by treating its surface in a more spontaneous and expressive way. The resulting family of pieces are composed of contrasting highly polished and eroded metal, which evoke a sense of curiosity; Each piece is created using a technique more commonly used by printmakers or engravers; "Oxidation or Etching" the process of using strong acid or mordant to etch the unprotected parts of a metal surface to create an incised design.

The imagery on the surface of the metal is a collection of Botanics photos made on differentparks and green areas to create subtle narratives between the subtle and soft greenness, the force of the metal and the changing image of reflexes.  As a series, the mirrors and objects together create a landscape in a domestic space. Users can freely arrange these objects to highlight and reflect other important possessions they chose to showcase.

Pieces range from one-offs to limited edition.