VERSUS is meant to emphasize the duality of manufacturing processes by confronting cnc machine techniques directly alongside traditional woodworking ones, in order to give a renewed value to collaborations between the field of industrial manufactures, designers and artisans.

One half is the result of handmade carving uniquely created with essential tools that reflects the artisan’s identity through its shapes and textures. The other half is produced industrially with new manufacturing technologies, specifically with cnc milling machines, resulting in a precise and perfect finish. Both of them share the language of creativity.

The aim of this project is to create objects that develop a narrative between both its makers and users. We may discuss which half and which techniques can be better or worse while considering the limitations of both manufacturing processes as well as the possibilities of how they can be combined together to achieve new methods and unique pieces. 

During the development of VERSUS we experimented by attempting to ‘copy’ through industrial processes the halves made by craftsmen and vice-versa. The results were amazing and completely different. In both cases the pieces acquired a dualism, the halves complement each other and project curious aesthetics. Leaving evidence of where each piece was made, they are marked, with the geographic location ofits makers both sides, artisanal and industrial, demonstrating the dialogue between these two, rarely connected, worlds.


POTPURRI at Ventura Lambrate

This year the collective in which i'm part of, 3DOTSCOLLECTIVE will present POT.PURRI in Milan during the Salone del Mobile. It will be a part of the exhibition ‘Ventura Team Up’ at Ventura Lambrate.

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